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When do I have to use type-B residual current protection in my installation?

We would like to inform you about current regulations and all the key aspects that you need to take into account for the correct selection of the type of residual current device to be installed. The evolution of electronics in electrical installations means that we need to know what type of residual current device protection is ideal for each type of load, in order to correctly protect both people and the installation itself.
This is why we present our new type B residual current protection family, which is the required protection when there may be a leakage of alternating, pulsating or direct current. Find out why you should use type-B residual current protection devices and what benefits they bring to your installation.

Protect your installation the right way

Avoid risks by selecting the right protection for each type of load


Type-A and AC residual current protection devices do not detect DC residual currents and can trip spuriously or lock up, jeopardizing service continuity and putting the installation and/or personnel at serious risk


Type-A Residual current protection

The protection required by the manufacturers themselves


Manufacturers of devices with power electronics, including variable-speed drives, UPS, EV charging points, etc., require type-B residual current devices to be installed to ensure their loads are properly protected.


Type-A Residual current protection

Discover all the benefits of type-B residual current protection and when it has to be installed.



Technology to serve users


On RGU-100B and CBS-400B devices, the screen changes to red when a trip occurs, storing the total leakage value. This value is broken down to show both the AC and DC component of the leak. This features offers relevant information to let the user pinpoint the exact location of the leak.


Type-B Residual current protection 


Technical article


Find out why you should protect your installation using type-B devices



Type-B residual current protection solutions


Guarantee the maximum service continuity of your installation and provide complete protection to people and property by installing type-B residual current protection.


Indirect connection devices



Type-B residual current protection and monitoring relay



Type-B monitoring and protection relay with 4 channels



Residual current protection and monitoring electronic relay






More information


More information


More information



Devices with built-in transformer




+ automatic reclosing


Class-B RCCB, instantaneous 30 and 300 mA



Transformer with built-in class-B residual current relay



Self-reclosing type-B RCCB






More information


More information


More information



What are the advantages of WGB transformers?


Connecting the WGB earth leakage transformers to the (RGU-100B or CBS-400B) relay is Plug & Play: it's a quick and easy process that uses an RJ-45 connector. No need for additional power or cabling. Additionally, the transformers have an accessory for convenient installation on a DIN rail.

 What are the advantages of WGB transformers?


More information



Where should type-B protection be installed?

Where should type-B protection be installed?

CIRCUTOR 2021 Meeting Point

Raption 100. The perfect combination of power, versatility and elegance

A compact charger capable of providing up to 100 kW DC, enough to charge the electric vehicles of yesterday, today and tomorrow.


In an era of constant innovation and development by electric vehicle manufacturers, there is an increasing number of cars with higher capacity batteries, and thus longer ranges. In addition, more and more vehicles are integrating drivelines that double the voltage of their predecessors, going from the 400V of the first models to the 800V of the most recent electric cars. At Circutor, we are at the forefront of charging solutions, which is why we are presenting the Raption 100, a compact, high-power charger that can recharge the electric vehicles of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

What is the Raption 100?


The Raption 100 is a charger with a DC power of up to 100 kW, capable of charging using both the COMBO CCS and CHAdeMO standards. It also features an extra hose for simultaneously charging a second car with up to 22 kW of AC power.

The Raption series is an established range of products in the realm of fast, public charging stations. It started out with the Raption 22 model in 2016, which has since evolved by applying the experience gained to add improvements and adapt to the needs of the current and future market. This device evolved directly from Raption 50, a device with more than 3 years of market experience and over 1000 units sold in 2019. The Raption 100 maintains the enclosure and all the strong points of the Raption 50, while doubling its charging power.

Raption 100. 100 kW charger for electric vehicles


Highlights of the Raption 100



Maintains the easy and intuitive charging experience of its predecessor with an 8-inch touchscreen, with 27 languages to choose from, courtesy light and the option to add an integrated contactless card payment system.



The modular architecture of Raption devices allows them to stay in service even if a problem occurs in a module, since the charger automatically disconnects it and uses the remaining ones. This increases their availability and ensures that drivers won't be stranded and unable to recharge.



The Raption 100 also maintains the connector lock, preventing vandalism by making it impossible to release the connector unless the user is authenticated. In addition, the devices with 5-metre cables will feature a floating cable design for easier handling that avoids contact with the ground. This prevents potential damage, enhances safety and reduces maintenance costs.



Both the enclosure and the Raption 100 screen are 100% customisable, allowing the device to be fully covered in vinyl showing images of the brand, or to show advertising on the touch display screensaver.

Master/Slave System


The Raption 100 can be used as a master in multipoint installations, combining DC and AC charging, a solution that, in addition to minimising the initial investment and maintenance costs when several chargers are needed, can yield considerable energy savings, since the master unit distributes the available power by taking into account the number of charging points in use.

All of this makes the Raption 100 the perfect charger to install on public roads, restaurants, petrol stations, shopping centres, airports and interurban areas. These are settings where drivers appreciate the ability to do quick charges lasting no more than 20 minutes, which, given the characteristics of new EVs, can provide a range of more than 200 km.



More information: Outdoor fast charging station Raption 100


Circutor MyCatalog. Help us build an efficient future.

As part of our #thefutureisefficiency campaign, at CIRCUTOR we are continuing to carry out small actions to help create the efficient future that we and our environment need. With this objective in mind, we have digitised all our product information in order to bring us even closer to you.

We have a clear objective: to work together with our partners to improve the efficiency of our companies and reduce the impact of the carbon footprint, always connected.

For this reason, we are launching CIRCUTOR MyCatalog, the new mobile app with which you can easily find all the information about our products and solutions, get updates about our new launches and always keep yourself up to date. Find the products that best suit your needs and create lists of your favourites to get instant access to all their documentation and newest videos.

Find any product with ease

You can use MyCatalog to find the product that best suits your needs, either searching by keyword, product name or reference number, or directly by browsing from the product family tree.

Find any product with ease

Search by:

  • Product Name
  • Reference number
  • Keyword
  • Product family

Discover our latest products

Discover all our new products at a glance. Access all product documentation and videos instantly in a single step.

Discover our latest products

List of latest releases

Find exactly what you need

Use filters to narrow your search for products with the features you really need saving time in your selection. Mark the features that best suit your needs and find all the available solutions.

Apply advanced filters

Apply advanced filters

All documentation always up to date

Download information specific to each product, with documents that are always up to date. Use it during the start-up of our products without the need for printouts. You will also play videos about our solutions to make sure you don't miss any details about their features.

Review product information

Review product information

Make the most of your time

Save the products you use most in your Favourites menu and access all their documentation faster, whenever you need it. Save time by consulting your most used products whenever you need to review their specifications and documentation.

Create lists with your most-used products

Create lists with your most-used products.

Available for both iOS and Android, we invite you to free download the app and to join us in our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, minimising the use of paper.

Circutor MyCatalog  

Circutor MyCatalog

Get it on Google Play

Download on the App Store

At CIRCUTOR, we are counting on you to build a more efficient future, together.

Discover the benefits of installing the new Line-TCPRS1 wireless converter with Wi-Fi and Ethernet

We are in a time when the world is more digitised than ever, and the electricity sector is not immune from this development since the vast majority of electrical installations use measurement devices with communications capabilities. The goal is to be able to send all the information to management software in order to process the data received so as to closely track everything that takes place in each of the installations. As well as to apply the appropriate improvements, especially in the area of energy efficiency.
The market trend is to use increasingly more wireless devices, and thus to avoid having to wire communications, making the installation much faster and more convenient. At CIRCUTOR, we are experts in this type of installation with communications, which is why we are introducing the new line-TCPRS1 communications gateway to the market, which allows converting RS-232 or RS-485 (ModbusRTU) to Wi-Fi and/or Ethernet (ModbusTCP).

Line-TCPRS1: wireless converter with Wi-Fi and Ethernet

Communication via Ethernet

This device features the communications of the line measurement system, i.e. the lateral bus through which all the information is sent without the need for wiring, and it also has the external terminal to be able to connect all the other communications devices in the installation at the same time.

 Communication via Ethernet 

Modbus RTU conversion to Modbus TCP via Ethernet


Communication via Wi-Fi

If, on top of this, you consider that the device offers Wi-Fi for sending the information to the management software, it makes it the perfect solution for those installations where routing communication wires is complicated.

 Communication via Wi-Fi 

Modbus RTU conversion to Modbus TCP via Wi-Fi


DHCP enabled by default

Another feature that makes it a very convenient device for users is that it is set up by default with DHCP enabled, so when the Ethernet cable is connected to the router, it will automatically be assigned an IP address.

 DHCP enabled by default 

Ethernet with DHCP enabled for automatic LAN connection


MyConfig App

Continuing with the theme of making our customers' work easier, CIRCUTOR has developed a mobile app (MyConfig) that can be used to set up communications between the line-TCPRS1 and other devices. This app can be downloaded free of charge from the Play Store for Android devices.

 MyConfig App

Automatic configuration via Bluetooth with the MyConfig app

As if that weren't enough, the line-TCPRS1 has its own web page where you can set up all the device's parameters quickly and conveniently.
In order to make the line-TCPRS1 device usable in any type of installation, it has been designed to accept input power from 80-264 VAC, 100-300 VDC and 50-60 Hz. Finally, this gateway can communicate using the following protocols: Modbus TCP, TCP y UDP


Find out how easy it is to install the Line-TCPRS1 communications gateway



Line-TCPRS1 is very easy to set up, minimising the installation and programming time when starting up your measuring and control devices.


Find out more about Line-TCPRS1:


Access the technical sheet of the Line-TCPRS1:   Consult the catalog of the Line range:


CIRCUTOR 2021 Meeting Point

CIRCUTOR · 2021 · Meeting Point

2021 will be a great year for our sector

Visit us on January 21, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., at CIRCUTOR · 2021 · Meeting Point.
A virtual meeting point, where you can learn more about all the challenges and objectives of the electrical sector, for this new year 2021.

Learn more about the challenges and objectives of the electricity sector for 2021


Challenges and objectives that we want to share with you, because it is in our hands that we remember 2021 as a great year for our sector.

Choose your Avatar and participate in our virtual event, with 6 training rooms, 6 Showrooms, 5 practical workshops and 1 innovation master conference.

Do not miss the challenges for 2021 in: Electric Mobility, Power Quality, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies.

Get your ticket to access the
2021 · Meeting Point


Register and reserve your place.


(We recommend registering as soon as possible,
to avoid waiting the same day of the event)

Master Conference


   "Innovation and technology in the new age"        
  Xavier Ferràs. CIRCUTOR 2021 Meeting Point  

Xavier Ferràs. Expert in Innovation and Tecnology.

Passionate for the technology and innovation, will explain us about the importance of innovation and technology as a force for progress in our companies.

Time: 12:00 h (Time in Spain. Central European Time (CET))
Hall: Amphitheater (Limited capacity by strict order of arrival)




  Workshop (Duration 1 hour)   Time (*)   Hall  
  Smart Electric Vehicle Chargig System. Indoor and outdoor aplications   09:30 h   Electric Mobility  
  Photovoltaic Solutions. Canopies and structures for Photovoltaic modules   09:30 h   Renewable Energies  
  Harmonics problems and solutions. Improving your electrical systems   15:00 h   Power Quality  
  Why should I protect my installation with TYPE B residual current protection?   15:00 h   Continuity Service  
  How easy is to install a EMSi ( Integral Energy Management System)   15:00 h   Energy Efficiency  


(*) (Time in Spain. Central European Time (CET))
Limited capacity by strict order of arrival



Get your ticket to access the

CIRCUTOR · 2021 · Meeting Point


Register and reserve your place.



(We recommend registering as soon as possible,
to avoid waiting the same day of the event)


Discover the new CVM-E3-MINI-WiEth

Easier than ever, now with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Easier than ever, now with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


The CVM-E3-MINI-WiEth power analyzer lets you gather information on the energy consumption and electrical parameters of your installation quickly and easily. It has Ethernet and Wi-Fi communications that provide real-time information to the Energy Management System (EMS), without having to install wiring for communications.

Its Bluetooth connectivity can be used to set up communications parameters (Ethernet or Wi-Fi) through the free MyConfig app on your mobile or tablet, without having to physically access the device.

“Connect it to your LAN and configure its communications from your own smartphone or tablet to start managing electrical variables and energy consumption of your installation.”

You don’t need anything else

Wi-Fi connection
Wi-Fi connection

Connect the analyzer to your Wi-Fi network and start registering all your consumptions and electrical parameters from your installation. Check the Wi-Fi coverage and assigned IP address directly from its display.

Conexión Wi-Fi

Manage your installation wirelessly.

Ethernet connection
Ethernet connection

Connect the analyzer to your Wi-Fi network and start registering all your consumptions and electrical parameters from your installation. Quickly check the device IP and MAC address by its display any time.

Conexión Ethernet

Connect the analyzer to the local network and start measuring.

Bluetooth connection
Bluetooth connection

Use Bluetooth connectivity to program Ethernet or Wi-Fi communications without the need for a computer.

With the free MyConfig app, you can set up the communications on your power analyzer quickly and easily.

Conexión por Bluetooth

Easily set up Bluetooth communications

 Easily set up Bluetooth communications

Manage your energy consumption and electrical parameters

The CVM-E3-MINI-WiEth Power Analyzer lets you know the consumption of active, reactive inductive, reactive capacitive and apparent energy as well as record and display the cost of energy, CO2 emissions and operating hours for preventive maintenance. The device has measurement in 4 quadrants so it also accumulates these same variables in energy generation.

Install it in panels to verify the quality of consumption of your installation, since in addition to electrical variables such as voltage, current, power and power factor (monitors more than 250 variables) you can also check the distortion caused by the harmonics present in your installation both at a total level through the THD% and checking each harmonic individually up to 31º in voltage and current.



  • Up to 250 electrical parameters (RMS, maximum and minimum)
  • Consumed and generated energies
  • IP address and Wi-Fi coverage level on display
  • Website and free app to set up communications

Manage your energy consumption and electrical parameters

Configure your communications in any situation

The flexibility of the CVM-E3-MINI-WiEth analyzer allows you to set up your communications quickly, safely and easily. You can do this in the following ways:

  • By Bluetooth using the MyConfig app.
    You don't need to carry a computer to the facility to set the IP address and leave the analyzer connected to the LAN.

  • By web page via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
    Connect to the analyzer through a web server and easily configure all its parameters from your own computer if you are connected to the same LAN. Use any browser to program its IP and other communication settings.

  • By using its display
    Programs the communications of the device directly through its display. Once configured you can check the IP and parameters set as well as the level of Wi-Fi coverage if you are connecting wirelessly.

Discover how it works

Remotely solves wiring errors

Solve any error in the programming or physical wiring of the analyzer through the PowerStudio software. Saves on indirect costs in commissioning and configuration.

Voltage & current phase connection error

Voltage & current phase connection error

The voltage wiring must correspond to the current wiring of the same phase. If this does not happen, it means that the installation has been performed incorrectly. This will cause values such as power, cos phi, PF or energies to be incorrect.

Error installing current sensors

Error installing current sensors

The installation of the current transformers must be correct, following the flow direction of the load. If a transformer is installed reversed, the current will be displayed as generated current instead of consumed or vice versa, having an error in the total energy register.

“Solve any problem remotely from the PowerStudio software, avoiding trips to the installation and the associated cost.”

Compatible with all kind of transformers

Compatible with all kind of transformers

More information

Download the catalogue



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