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Discover the benefits of installing the new Line-TCPRS1 wireless converter with Wi-Fi and Ethernet

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We are in a time when the world is more digitised than ever, and the electricity sector is not immune from this development since the vast majority of electrical installations use measurement devices with communications capabilities. The goal is to be able to send all the information to management software in order to process the data received so as to closely track everything that takes place in each of the installations. As well as to apply the appropriate improvements, especially in the area of energy efficiency.
The market trend is to use increasingly more wireless devices, and thus to avoid having to wire communications, making the installation much faster and more convenient. At CIRCUTOR, we are experts in this type of installation with communications, which is why we are introducing the new line-TCPRS1 communications gateway to the market, which allows converting RS-232 or RS-485 (ModbusRTU) to Wi-Fi and/or Ethernet (ModbusTCP).

Line-TCPRS1: wireless converter with Wi-Fi and Ethernet

Communication via Ethernet

This device features the communications of the line measurement system, i.e. the lateral bus through which all the information is sent without the need for wiring, and it also has the external terminal to be able to connect all the other communications devices in the installation at the same time.

 Communication via Ethernet 

Modbus RTU conversion to Modbus TCP via Ethernet


Communication via Wi-Fi

If, on top of this, you consider that the device offers Wi-Fi for sending the information to the management software, it makes it the perfect solution for those installations where routing communication wires is complicated.

 Communication via Wi-Fi 

Modbus RTU conversion to Modbus TCP via Wi-Fi


DHCP enabled by default

Another feature that makes it a very convenient device for users is that it is set up by default with DHCP enabled, so when the Ethernet cable is connected to the router, it will automatically be assigned an IP address.

 DHCP enabled by default 

Ethernet with DHCP enabled for automatic LAN connection


MyConfig App

Continuing with the theme of making our customers' work easier, CIRCUTOR has developed a mobile app (MyConfig) that can be used to set up communications between the line-TCPRS1 and other devices. This app can be downloaded free of charge from the Play Store for Android devices.

 MyConfig App

Automatic configuration via Bluetooth with the MyConfig app

As if that weren't enough, the line-TCPRS1 has its own web page where you can set up all the device's parameters quickly and conveniently.
In order to make the line-TCPRS1 device usable in any type of installation, it has been designed to accept input power from 80-264 VAC, 100-300 VDC and 50-60 Hz. Finally, this gateway can communicate using the following protocols: Modbus TCP, TCP y UDP


Find out how easy it is to install the Line-TCPRS1 communications gateway



Line-TCPRS1 is very easy to set up, minimising the installation and programming time when starting up your measuring and control devices.


Find out more about Line-TCPRS1:


Access the technical sheet of the Line-TCPRS1:   Consult the catalog of the Line range:




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